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"Bases are the key to earning Qredits by harvesting resources. As you level-up you will be able to build more bases. If you have a base to build, an indicator will tell you from the 'Bases' screen. Maximize your resource harvesting by building all the bases you can."

Create Base

Build your bases in friendly zones, they will collect resources faster. Defend the zones where you have your bases, to maximize your Qredits. You can only build one base in each zone. There is currently no cost to construct a base.

Harvest Bases

You can harvest your bases at any time, even if they are not full. Harvest the resources your bases collect to earn Qredits. You'll need Qredits to purchase items in the Depot.

Bases Listed

Your constructed bases are displayed as a scrollable list. Each base details how full its resource tank is, and shows the color of that zone's controlling faction. Bases in zones that your faction does not control fill more slowly.

Destroying Bases

If you decide you want to use your base allocation differently, you may destroy any of your existing bases by swiping left over that base's row. There is no cost (currently) to destroy a base.

Earning Qredits

Your established bases will accumulate Qredits every 12 minutes. The rate of Qredits earned during that period is dependant upon which faction controls that base location. If it is a friendly Faction then you will earn 10.5 Qredits. If it is an opposing Faction then you will earn half of that, or 5.25 Qredits in the same amount of time.

It only appears to accumulate on that minute marker, so if you lose control of the zone just before that bridging in time then you will earn that period at the slower rate and vice-versa if you gain control before the bridging.

The below chart gives you an idea of the run time for your base and it's earned credit rate based on who controls that location.

Once a base has reached its max of 210 Qredits it will stop accumulating, so it is important to Harvest it regularely. Harvesting before it has reached its max does not slow down the accumulation speed.

Time Elapsed
(Friendly Faction)

Time Elapsed
(Opposing Faction)

Qredits Earned
0:12:00 0:24:00 10.5
0:24:00 0:48:00 21.0
0:36:00 1:12:00 31.5
0:48:00 1:36:00 42.0
1:00:00 2:00:00 52.5
1:12:00 2:24:00 63.0
1:24:00 2:48:00 73.5
1:36:00 3:12:00 84.0
1:48:00 3:36:00 94.5
2:00:00 4:00:00 105.0
2:12:00 4:24:00 115.5
2:24:00 4:48:00 126.0
2:36:00 5:12:00 136.5
2:48:00 5:36:00 147.0
3:00:00 6:00:00 157.5
3:12:00 6:24:00 168.0
3:24:00 6:48:00 178.5
3:36:00 7:12:00 189.0
3:48:00 7:36:00 199.5
4:00:00 8:00:00 210.0
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