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QONQR is a GeoSocial game about a rogue A.I. that has appeared on the Internet. To date we are unsure of its intentions but 3 factions have cropped up.

Legion The Legion Wants to Destroy it!
Swarm The Swarm Wants to Protect it!
Faceless The Faceless Wants to Hack it!

You are the mobile operatives on the streets, in the coffee shops and at the grocery stores, deploying nanobots, establishing bases, and conquering the world.

You Play from your smartphone.


Currently Supported Platforms:

  iOS 5.0 and greater Devices
  Windows Phone 7 Devices

Coming Soon:

  Adroid OS Devices
  QONQR Command Center for iPad and PC

[ Official Website | Official Forums | QONQR On Facebook | QONQR On Twitter ]

Though the Command Center Kickstarter was unsuccessfully funded, this add-on has been highly anticipated by all players and is rumored to still be in developement just at a much slower pace without funding.  Show your support by playing QONQR.

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